Homewurk FAQ Troubleshooting Report a problem

Only locations are supported by the IT department of Wageningen University & Research.

After troubleshooting you could report your problem.

You have an IP address which starts with 172.17., what to do?
You do have an internet connection, but limited due to fact your device has not been registered yet. In order to acquire full access to HomeWURk and the internet, you are required to register your device. Start your internet browser and open an url such as known Dutch news site nu.nl. httpS websites are not available during registration so amongst others Google will not work! When trying to open nu.nl, following page with instructions will appear :
HomeWURk register
Please do take notice of information provided via this page and proceed with the registration process. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to notify all network equipment involved about the new registration, in which case following page will be shown:

HomeWURk register
After a few seconds though registration should be successful:
HomeWURk register
Full HomeWURk access is now available and your device should have received an IP number starting with 137.224.

NB: When connecting multiple devices, please wait a minute or so per device otherwise your port could end up in a disabled state!

You have an IP address which starts with 172.16., what to do?
Your device has been put into quarantine. When connecting to a website via your browser, a webpage should be shown explaining the reason and suggested actions. Main possible reasons are a PC virus, malware, sending spam, inappropriate behaviour on the network (a.o. port scanning) or a copyright infringement. Your device will have limited internet service in order to provide you with resources to help you to solve the problem. When confident you did solve the problem, restore service via a OneStrike which indeed implies you can only do this once. Next time you should contact the FB-IT Servicedesk.

You have an IP address which starts with 192.168 or 10. , what to do?
If you use a (wireless) router, all your devices connected to this router normally will acquire such a private IP address. Sometimes if you connect to HomeWURk after using your device at WUR, it is possible your device is still trying to use the WUR assigned IP address like If that is the case, your could try to renew the dhcp lease on your device. Your router on the other hand should have an IP address starting with 137.224. after HomeWURk registration. If not connected to a (wireless) router, then you are probably connected to a network other then HomeWURk or your device does not update its dhcp setting as it should.

You have an IP address which starts with 169.254., what to do?
This is a so called APIPA IP address which is an indication your network connection is not functioning properly. In some rare cases this is caused by a network card/driver which is unable to negotiate a network connection speed. Setting your network card connection speed from auto negotiate to 100Mbit full duplex sometimes resolves this issue. Also use the most recent driver version of your network card (look at your hardware vendor website like Acer, do not rely on Microsoft only!). Otherwise please follow steps described at report a problem