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Only locations are supported by the IT department of Wageningen University & Research.

Please check Troubleshooting if you experience a problem.

If your internet connection is not working properly, you need to carry out some tests and report the results to the Servicedesk IT.

Please take notice of the following:
1. Do not forget to register your equipment first! This is a common issue with new tenants!
2. Please follow all tests before reporting your problem! Do NOT simply send an email to the Servicedesk IT without the required information!
3. You are responsible for your own equipment (computer, cable, etc.). In the event that a technician is sent to your room and finds that the problem is not caused by the network but by your own equipment, you will be charged € 135,-. The technician will not repair your equipment.

Question 1:

Please select one of the following:

Other tenants in the building have the same problem; this seems to be a general problem.

I am the only one with this problem.