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HomeWURk maintenance Stadsbrink, Earthhouse, Firehouse and Waterhouse on november 2nd en november 4th

What will happen?
During the maintenance, there will be no internet connection.

At what time does the work start, when is it finished?
Work starts around 09:00 AM and will finish around 17:00 PM. After 17:00 PM you should have a working internet connection.

When is my building due?
I need an internet connection during the working period, what can I do?
You can use the internet connection available in the Wageningen UR Forum building during the working period for your building.

Should I be in my room during the maintenance period?

Will I get a different IP-address?
Yes, after rebooting your computer you will get a different (public) IP-address, but it will still be in the range of 137.224.x.x.