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Do you have any questions about the change of internet provider?
Check the Idealis information pages in
English and Dutch or send an email to internet@idealis.nl

What support level can I expect from IT?
For solving issues we have made the following agreements:
What can I do to help speed up solving my problem?
In order to solve your issue quickly, please do the following:
Are you unavailable this Thursday?
Is there something in your room that need fixing related to your issue, and you are unavailable this Thursday? Send a message before Wednesday to servicedesk.it@wur.nl. The engineer will be rescheduled and visit you next Thursday between 1pm and 4pm.

How come there are currently so few issues?
We have replaced a large amount of older network equipment in HomeWURk. By doing this, many network issues have been solved, including interference caused by rogue DHCP servers. In addition, we have added redundant systems and spare parts into our datacentres in order to quickly solve issues.

What can I do after I reported my malfunctioning Internet connection?
Request further information from servicedesk IT about the issue you are having.
If you are a WUR student or employee, you can access the computers at the Forum building. You can also use your laptop at the Campus. More information about connecting your own device can be found at the connectivity website.

What are the network regulations?
You need to use a certified orange HomeWURk network cable. These cables can be bought from the WUR shop in the Forum building.

You may only connect a computer or a laptop. Routers or accesspoints are not allowed. See Aansluitvoorwaarden WURnet 2010 (only available in Dutch)

It is not allowed to upload copyrighted material. Keep in mind that all filesharing programs upload data when you are downloading. If complaints are received about uploading copyrighted material your internet connection will be closed.

It is not allowed to employ activities that might harm the network security or performance. This includes sending spam mail and computerhacking. See Network Regulations in English or Dutch

Am I allowed to use a router or other network device?
No, It is not allowed to connect anything other than a computer or laptop to your internet connection point. Computers that behave like routers are not allowed, also!

Will my room be checked periodically for illegal routers?
No, WUR IT will not do so, due to privacy issues and high costs. Only when a router is found on the network, the connection will be disabled.

How can I find my IP address on Windows?
First, very important; connect your computer directly to the outlet in your room. It is useless to provide IT with information obtained while connected to another network.
  1. Go to Start. In the search bar, type in CMD and hit Enter. A black window will open. Type in the black window IPCONFIG /ALL and hit Enter.
  2. In the results, under Local Areau Connection, take a note of the IPv4 number (example:
  3. In the results, under Local Areau Connection, take a note of the Physical address (example: 00-1F-5B-42-E9-FF)
You can also run this tool on your PC in order to obtain your ip address and other useful information!

How can I find my IP address on MAC?
Click on the Apple icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. Select "about this Mac".
Click "more info". Select "Network" on the column to the left.
Locate your IP address (it will be in the upper-right portion).

How can I find my IP address on Linux Ubuntu?
Right click on the Network icon in the notification area and click "Connection Information". This brings up a window which has information, including your IP address.

What can I do if my computer is infected?
WUR IT does not support private computers. However, you can get a free CD to clean your computer, at Servicedesk IT or Servicepoint IT. Of course you can also contact a computershop (like Chip Shop Wageningen) in order to have your computer fixed.

Where can I buy cheap software?
WUR students or employees can buy software at discount prices at Surfspot.nl. Please note that Surfspot is NOT a WUR initiative; Do not contact the WUR if you have any questions about the website or the software!

What to do if I forget my WURnet password?
If you have forgotten your password for your WURnet account, you can easily create a new one yourself through the website password.wur.nl, even when your password has expired.