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At the following locations there is no support from the WUR Servicedesk IT. Tenants should contact 085-0140470 (or www.ittdesk.nl) in case of internet issues.
At Oude Bennekomseweg and Droevendaalsesteeg internet access has been discontinued. Tenants of these locations need to make arrangements for their internet connections.

The network equipment on most Idealis complexes has been replaced. By replacing all major network equipment, many issues are rectified.
Now that HomeWURk uses new equipment, we have been able to make agreements on the availibility of HomeWURk. The most important agreements are:
More information about the support level you can expect from IT.

More information about the replacement of the network infrastructure.

The following Service Level Reports are available (PDF, only in Dutch):
First Quarter 2015
Second Quarter 2015